WE the New PE

Join the movement to re-brand the new, evidence-based PE.  PE standards have changed significantly for the better, following evidence-based research. 

These new PE programs need to be recognized and presented as the improved PE that they are. All stakeholders from the students, themselves to the governing school boards need to know if their program is the new PE, meeting the new, higher standards.

Last summer, a group of PE teachers decided that each such new standards-based PE program could still use its unique identity, but still be rebranded under a common, universally recognized higher standards logo TAGGED onto their logo.

The fastest way to do that is to re-brand the new PE, separating it from The Old PE  “The New PE” does that in the simplest way possible.  So, TheNewPE™ became the universal name for the new, re-branded PE that would be added as a tag.


WE the New PE Program LogoACCUSPLIT Make a Difference Programs WE the New PE Universal Tag Program Logosuggests that the biggest expansion possible for The New PE is to repurpose it as Wellness for Life.  Join that movement, and help define Wellness for Life, and then tag your evidence-based PE program in that way.


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