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Community of Wellness Program LogoCommunity of Wellness began in Pleasanton CA with a group of people dedicated to changing the way the community thinks about health and wellness.  The basic program used to teach behavior modification was “Change 1 Thing”.  This is the cornerstone of any long-term program a person, family, business, and community would use to make lasting changes in a person’s life

The slow and focused approach of the “Change 1 Thing” program will lead to long-term success that can be sustained.  Using the 6 steps to change one area of your life will lead to overall health and wellness. i.e. I will get outdoors and walk for 30 minutes, 3 times a week.

Taking it slow and focusing on one change until it is mastered and becomes habit takes away the overwhelming feeling of needing to fix everything “now” which usually causes us to fail. When we broadening this approach community-wide, the impact on people’s health and lives could be astounding. To read more about the 6 step approach to Change 1 Thing, click here.

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