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Come “Walk ‘n’ Talk” together at Shadow Cliffs Regional Park on Saturday, April 21

Bricks and Birds: Did you know that we have an island rookery in Pleasanton, where snowy egrets, blue herons, and other birds return each spring to nest?  Before the birds were there–before there was even a lake—the Remillard Brick Company shipped thousands of bricks created on that site.  Find out more about this little-known part of the park’s history this Saturday.

We are very fortunate to welcome Walk Star (volunteer leader) Dolores Bengtson, to lead our annual visit to Shadow Cliffs Regional Park this coming Saturday-a perfect way to honor Earth-Day weekend! Dolores was previously the head of Pleasanton’s Parks and Recreation Department, and she has wonderful stories to share about our local parklands.

Many buildings in the Bay Area were built from bricks created where the Regional Park is now located.  Dolores will share tales of that era this Saturday.

With luck, we’ll have time to view the nesting egret and herons and (we hope) their recently hatched offspring.  This is a good place to bring along your own binoculars and cameras.

We will need at 9:00 am for an approximately two hour “Walk ’n’ Talk session.

Please note that there is a $7 cash parking fee, and it helps to have exact change, in case there is not a ranger at the entry station. You may want to arrange to carpool with friends.

The park is located just off of Stanley Blvd. at the eastern edge of Pleasanton.  

  • After you enter the park at the traffic signal, there is a downhill driveway that takes you to the ranger kiosk where you pay your $7 fee and get your parking permit. (It helps to have exact change.
  • Proceed to the stop sign
  • Turn right and drive to the end of the road, a T Intersection
  • Turn left, following signs to the marina and boat launching area.
  • We will meet Dolores at the edge of the parking lot, which adjacent to the restroom facility.

Our walk will take us up a fairly steep unpaved path to the top of the Levey to get within viewing distance of the island rookery.  We also will walk a scenic lower trial next to the flowing water, (not the lake).  The trails are unpaved and may be muddy, so you may want to wear closed toed shoes with skid proof soles.

Allow at least two hours for this unique walk. As always, we encourage you to wear comfortable shoes and to dress in layers for the changing temperatures.  Part of the walk will be in full sun, with another part mostly in shade.

Remember, we walk rain or shine…unless the rain is blowing sideways.  (As this is being written, the weather forecast calls for no rain.) There are public restrooms available.

Some people think only of the lake when they think of Shadow Cliffs, but there is much more than swimming and fishing at this regional park.  Come explore what is right in our own “back yard”

March and April Walk Calendar


April 21 = Shadow Cliffs Regional Park with Dolores Bengtson, 9:00-10:30-ish.

April 28 = Ken Mercer Park, with Mr. Pedometer, 8:00 and/or 9:00-10:00 a.m., (plus optional, no-host brunch afterward at the Stable Café, Gate 12, Alameda County Fairgrounds)

May 5 = “Field trip” to Alameda, with Karl Aitken

May 12 = Downtown Pleasanton, with Mr. Pedometer, 8:00 and/or 9:00-10:00 a.m. Optional stop afterward at Museum On Main for a special exhibit of local artists’ works.

May 19 = Ken Mercer Park, with Mr. Pedometer, 8:00 and/or 9:00-10:00 a.m.(Optional no-host brunch after at the Stable Café, Gate 12, Alameda County Fairgrounds

May 26 = (Tentative) Sycamore Grove Trail, Livermore

June 2 = TBA

Ask Mr. Pedometer
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Is it true that older adults need less sleep each night? 

Q:  Mr. Pedometer, isn’t it true that older adults need less sleep each night?  I am in my eighth decade and still waiting for this to happen.      

A:  That turns out to be a myth!  Older adults still require 7-9 hours of sleep each night, according to Jessica Rundo, M.D., a staff physician at the Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center. 

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How much sugar should a healthy person eat (or drink) in a day?

Q: Mr. Pedometer, the nutritional labels on foods generally tell not only the quantity of each nutrient but also the percentage of the recommended daily amount. The exception is sugar. The label tells how many grams, but not how much that is toward a daily amount. How much sugar should a healthy person eat (or drink) in a day?

A: Your question spotlights one of the biggest problems in Americans’ eating habits.

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Is falling the most serious risk for the elderly?

Mr. Pedometer, is falling the most serious risk for the elderly?    

A:  That depends on how you define “elderly.” Surprisingly, those in their 50s and 60s are more apt to fall than older folks, according to a study in the Journal of Allied Health.  The scary part is, falling is more apt to result in traumatic brain injury than any other cause.

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