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The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has adopted a program called “Exercise is Medicine” (EIM)!  Ever since its formation, I have encouraged a parallel, simpler program with more appeal to our target market, Walking is Medicine™ (WIM), because a majority, if not close to 70-80% of our population, does not want to “exercise”, AS THEY PERCEIVE IT.

Exercise is a lot of work, commitment, sweat, equipment, special clothes, club memberships…you know, the barriers to action.  To overcome these barriers in the sedentary population, a simple, easy to start program is needed…..walking for health.

We have all heard or read Dr. Ken Cooper’s plea to “patients” to just get off the couch and to walk an extra 10-20 minutes a day to improve cardiovascular health and reduce disease risk by as much or more than a statin drug can deliver.

Walking is the most convenient, lowest side effect, “preventative drug” an inactive person can use.  That is why “Walking is Medicine”™ is truly a universal, practical first solution to better health and wellness.

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